Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Word.

I ain't down what you're down with. Period. That's word...

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  1. Hey B, how are you? I'm okay, I've been better than now. I have three ulcers in my mouth from getting about 10 hours slep the ENTIRE week :(

    Also, my friend has had a massive go at me over something she has no proof on what so ever. On top of that, I had to teach nine classes yesterday. Three ballet, three jazz, and three lyrical. one of each in the hours 10-1, 2-5, and 6-9. Hence why I didn't look at your blog for a while. I also have a gazillion maths questions on Pythag to get done by 9:00 Monday. But, yeah, I'm good, thanks =)

    Um... Okay. Strictly to the point. I guess. Well. it says a lot in 2 lines. So, yeah. How was it? Your friends pad?

    Love Deanna xxx