Monday, March 2, 2009

When I Was A Runt...

...I read these books. Honestly, I love Seuss books. Why I love them? The writing is just...clever. The illustrations are just...ill. To me, I find these books--and among other things--amusing and interesting...

Anyways, here's just a couple of my favorites...

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  1. Oh. My. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved these books!! They're so clever :)

    Hey again :D

    I may have flattered you first, but you have the great decency and honour to flatter me back; much appreciated.

    And I knew you were going to keep your promise of wishing me a happy birthday. Unlike my best friend. (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....)

    SOOOOO glad you weren't mad at me. An ...awsome persom isn't how I'd describe myself... but thank you. You're the awsome person. And..... I looooooove you more!!!! :)

    And... drumroll pleeease... you made my day again :) No shocks there.You make every day.

    And I'd LOVE to visit Chicago. I think its a lovely city. Forget NYC. And I don't actually know this (I promise I'm not dumb, just my general knowledge on the US isn't great)... Does it snow in winter? :) It sometimes does here. It did this winter. Other than that, we haven't had loads since 2003.


    Ugh. don't tell me about being tired. I am SHATTERED. But... I live on. Despite how sad, I am, how tired I am, you always manage to make things better. Every single time. Its nice to know that someone who isn't related to me in any way genuinely cares about my feelings... there's always that false feeling with my friends. Its horrible. That's not here with you. I got a hell of alotta love for you :) :D

    And thanks for explaining. I do have my blonde moments. That was one of them. :)

    Love and here's to pen-pal-ism,

    Deanna xxx