Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I Carry...

I just got back from what seemed--so far--to be a long weekend--shouts to peoples that held it down. Ashley, I see you girl. It's been great, but a great long weekend. And now...I'm seeing myself back here at home, behind the computer, blogging away--not that it's bad--but I feel like I'm carrying something...some extra baggage behind my back that I can't seem to shake off. Not sure what this feeling is...I'm not actually sure if it's good or's more like in the middle; Neutral seems like a better term...I don't even know if it's worse as a feeling of burden. Eh, I'm confusing myself. Maybe it's temporary...I HOPE it is. Nothing major...But fuck, I'm NOT letting that ruin the rest of my weekend, my day, and my night...Sleep easy, B. and hope for a better tomorrow. It's a whole new day...

I wonder why things are just what they are in life; Things happen for a reason...Do we determine what/how our fate is...or is it fate itself that determines it for us...?

b. Ashley =)

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