Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Not a great day for all. I ain't feelin' it. I'll tell you about...Maybe.

Sorry, Ashley...
Cheer me up.


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  1. Hey :)

    I'm glad you've had some better weather. We kinda have, but its like the sky can't decide whether it wants to rain or shine. Very strange. I'm okay, soo tired - I'm surprised my legs haven't dropped off. THEY KILL. I guess 18 hours of dance on the weekend can do that to you...

    But, yeah... I'm glad you had a nice weekend. What movies did you watch today? And lucky you being off... i wish I was :(

    Ulcers are gone, by the way. It didn't help, because I had to go record some wierd song for UNICEF, and it was so fast... and my teeth kept catching them... but, yeah.

    Glad you enjoyed jammin' :) Main source of entertainment, you are jokes :)

    Love, Deanna xxx