Monday, August 24, 2009

New Track

I finally got the new Second Nature track in my inbox a few days ago. Sorry folks for not being on here for a few days...Just didn't feel like going on here. But anyways, I'm back with a new track from our group titled "Hero". Of course it's FREE to listen and download. I'll have the full track commentary in which this track was created soon...Or when I feel like going back here again, which is on and off lately. But I promise to give you the info, eventually. Stay tuned. And stay tuned for more on Second Nature. By the way, If you haven't picked up The First 4 EP on the previous post below, do so. We'd like the support and appreciation. Again, we thank you for listening...and a HUGE shout-out to our closest fans out there. You guys know who you are.

Second Nature - Hero


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