Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back In Effect

On the grind once again.

It's been about 2 weeks since I've been absent on hiatus on this here blog of mine. Just had to get away from here for a bit and take a break from blogging and just enjoy the rest of the Summer before I head out again on my daily grind and get back to reality altogether real, REAL soon. Yup, it's actually winding down pretty fast...for me at least. The past 4 months have been slow, but I mean that in a good way...Heading towards late July through August, however, it seems like it's just about to blow by me and get back to life and things. *sigh* Oh least it hasn't been that bad for me this Summer...In fact, it's been a BLAST. Like, BLA-DOW! Even those 2 weeks that I've been gone, it's been filled with great eats, experiences, dope music, and let's not forget...great people. Many highlights these past 4 months...I'm holding on to those, for sure...


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