Tuesday, August 25, 2009

120Giggabyte Slimmer

In keeping with the whole video thing and video games, here's another post on the NEW, slimmer PS3 due out on September 1st. PLUS...it's cheaper. $299 to be exact. Well, I don't know, for me...not sure yet if I'll shell out the $300 (plus tax) for this revamped PS3...Still a little pricey for me, but I'm sure it won't phase me much when I actually DO get one. Ugh...I'm drooling over some GT right now. I guess that's my only reason why I would want one...SO BADLY. I'll get there. Now here's the vid to tell you all. Oh, what I read somewhere on those YouTube comments...it isn't backwards compatible. Simply meaning, you can't play PS2 games. Oh well, doesn't really suck for me...I'm still keeping my PS2 Slim that I got from my Mama a few years ago for my birthday. And for you out there...well, you shoulda' thought about not ditchin' it. 120Giggabyte monster here I come! Whenever I'll get you...

b. That's "Gigga" with a 'J'.

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