Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sick Vids.

Good Sunday to everyone...Let's start it off fresh!


Watch it again.

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  1. Okay, first off, that first video is PLAIN NASTY.

    And yes, I sing, I guess you could call it a passion of mine :) Okay, a living. Watch this space cuz I hope and pray that I can make it big :)

    Dunno what's up. Been through one hell of a lot in the past six months. Best friend ever and boyfriend left to live in Australia. Found out I have some freak illness that no doctor has ever seen before. Incurable, obviously. As far as I know, not life-threatening, thank god. Parents won't stop fighting. Writing poetry helps.

    But otherwise, I'm good. What about you? Is your life okay? And why eat rice. With burnt scrambled eggs. Its not natural! And one more thing... STRAWboxing? Sounds interesting... Must hear it sometime.

    Peace, Deanna xxx