Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On A Scale Of...

Guess what I feel...


  1. Erm... I'm guessing around the 7-8 mark?...

    Hey, B, hows you? Is your mum okay? God, my daay was... interesting. It was good, though, I'm going to have to keep this good day thing up :)

    And, by the way, anytime you need comfort; Sherlock is on the case :) Why was class so boring? I can't think of any reason why calculus should be boring... ;) And I'm glad its pretty on Chicago. Its just plain nasty here. We've had that horrible rain that is slow and steady, and you think that you're not going to get wet, but ten minutes later... You're soaked.

    Oooh, before I forget; return the love, so, *even bigger hug* :)

    Thanks for being here again... metaphorically speaking, that is.

    Peace, Prayers and love, Deanna xxx
    p.s. YAY!!!! It works!

  2. Aw, you're waaaaay off...guess again =)

    FINALLY it works! Thanks again...and for the bigger hug =D

    But yeah, math is not my forte. It's not for me. Anyways, another beautiful day here and yes, my mom is much better now. She's home. We just got back...So she's resting right now...

    Thanks for everything...I'll talk to you soon...