Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dilla Dawg

It's Jay Dee month all month long for February and what way to observe him by telling you peoples out there that I am a Dilla fanatic--cliche, I know--but I am. I may have gotten on the train late to Dilla, but going back from my earlier days of listening to music/pre-diggin/record collecting, I started to listen to old Dilla productions, Slum Village--Fantastic Vol. 1 & 2--to be specific, De La, Common, The Pharcyde...all of 'em. Sittin' there listening to them and reflecting on those albums, bobbin' my head to each track, each beat, trying to lip-snych the lyrics...zonin' out, I thought about what if Dilla were still here with us...What would he be doing...What would he be doing with other artists out there...You know I wish the rest of the music world would embrace him--as a person and his music. He contributed so much, but sad that not a lot of people know him...or of him. Yes, he contributed so much...but yet we steal. We're stealing from him and the rest of his family (see The Battle For J Dilla's Legacy, Vibe mag Jan. 2009). I believe in this month of celebration and observance that is Jay Dee, we have to embrace each part of him--the respect--and not steal from what he has made to share to us. His talents are his talents to share to everyone...not to steal. Demeaning him would just be utter disrespect...we'd be called FAKES if we did that. Let's not do that. Rest In Power...


P.S. Taking a little break from blogging...Myself is not myself recently. Peace. (Blog visits and comments...go ahead...)

Here's two video's to enjoy...

Vinroc's Beat Freaks Vinstrumentals out now!

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