Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poster-Side Up

These pieces were done by one of my favorite street/graffiti artist by the name of Doze Green...Also a fellow member of the legendary b-boy group, the Rock Steady Crew, based out of New York. I've actually had these prints for about a year now...I just never got to them. I never had the chance to put 'em up on my bedroom walls because I wanted to get them custom framed. Flopped...that never happend. So, being me, I couldn't wait any longer and I decided to put them up a week ago...and now here they are, hanging oh so wonderfully on my walls...Now my bedroom doesn't look all that plain anymore...Though, it gives that illusion or that sense that my bedroom does look a little smaller with them up. Eh...the hell with it! I'm keepin' them up there...


P.S.: Recover.Fun.Strawboxapella.
Happy 18th to Venus...

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