Tuesday, February 3, 2009



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This time it's Illmind. His newest mixtape just dropped last Friday...Download for FREE (click album cover for download/track list)

Here's an alternate link just in case...

Inverse Interview On Sound Session + FREE Download (The Collection)

I just got this yesterday off the Inverse blog. This is a collection of their past work with other artists and a few new tracks to add to this album. This came out sometime in '08...I dig these guys. Definitely look out for 'em. Their full-length LP is droppin' sometime in '09...Good look. Of course, it's FREE to download. Click the album cover for download/track list...

And Another Mick Boogie Compilation: Mae/Sade Experience

So, awhile ago I came across 2dopeboyz, which I haven't visited in several months, and I saw the Mick Boogie & Mae Day mixtape--been waiting for this to drop since I heard one of the songs leaked last year. This mixtape looks at Sade...yes, Sade, you know...Smooth Operator? Click photo for--you guessed it--FREE download (track listing inside).

Who Is The Big Man On Campus?

Next up, I visited the Organology blog, like I usually do everyday, Muneshine has a mixtape out, Big Man On Campus. This I haven't listened to, yet...but downloaded onto my flash drive. I'll get to it, but I'm sure it's enjoyable. Well, you know it, click cover for FREE download.

J. Period/Q-Tip

Found another track from Okayplayer. J. Period/Q-Tip The [Abstract] Best mixtape available for download for FREE (sorry, not yet) on Feb. 10. The track (download for FREE) is called Excursions (Tribute Remix) ft. De La Soul