Tuesday, February 24, 2009

D.I.T.C. At 10

Yesterday, marked the 10th anniversary release of The Roots '99 LP Things Fall Apart...and yes, I would--I wrote about it.

This time around, however, I'll delve more into it by giving my own personal commentary about this LP. This is one of my top favorite Roots albums in all my Roots LP's that I have. This one is a knocker...Okay wait, Organix, DYWM, Illadelph, Phrenology, and Rising Down are my favorites and knockers as well...But Things Fall Apart is something to me...

In my personal opinion, this LP deserves alot. Let's look past all the sales, the grammy award, and the charts. I'd like to look at what's inside this album, what it's worth. The past couple of days I've been bumpin' this on my player and each track has a message...maybe a subliminal message(s) in which I incurred. See, I'm that dude that is a listener, but also likes to pick at music, if you know what I mean. I like to dissect music...and that's what I did to this. I'm not sure how else to describe this album...I'd say it's not dark--unlike Tipping Point, Game Theory, and Rising Down--I'd say it's a little murky, but also fun at the same time--there are some fun, catchy tracks on there. There might be some subliminal messages in there, but really, the messages come clean and clear as whistle. Sonically, it's neo-soul, a little jazz, a little R 'n B,...it has that alternativeness to it at as well, just a hint of it. LP is not hard to understand, nor should be hated on...It's one of the best they've ever did. Here's to it and The Legendary...

This might not make sense to you, so I should tell you to listen to the album in its entirety...and rest assured this won't disappoint if you haven't gotten the chance to cop it yourself.

Hi, mom...Love You.

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