Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't Sleep On These...(Vol. 1)

Kero One - Windmills Of The Soul [2006]

Here's one that I forgot that I had in my collection. Lately, I've been on that chilled-mellow Hip-Hop tip for a minute now and quite frankly, I'm diggin' it. Right now as I'm writing this to ya'll, I'm listening, nevermind...I'll save that 'til later. It's too damn good... Anyways, Kero One. Jazz Hip-Hop is what this album is all about. His lyrical flows are dope and this shit just makes me wanna walk around the city. This is some serious music. Grab this if you haven't yet. He also produces and yes--I'm gonna say it again--very jazzy this album is. Tracks to groove: Give Thanks, My Story, In All The Wrong Places, Check The Blueprints, The Cycle Repeats.

Raphael Saadiq - The Way I See It [2008]

I don't think a lot of people know, but this is actually his third solo LP next to Instant Vintage [2002] and Ray Ray [2004] and in between those, his Live album in 2003. Out of his 3 LP's, I think this his best album as of yet. Instantly the record takes you way back to those Motown/Soul days...And this is throughout the album. It stays consistent. See 100 Yard Dash--latest single to drop--and Love That Girl. Sound is upbeat, a couple are mellow...lyrics can be catchy, too. I definitely dig. If you're one of those people that love this kind of music, I highly recommend this to you...well, ANYONE! Don't sleep on this or you'll be sorry...Joints rockin': 100 Yard Dash, Just One Kiss ft. Joss Stone, Love That Girl, Oh Girl, Never Give You Up.

Crown City Rockers - Earthtones [2004]

Here's another group that's a live band just like The Legendary--see there earlier albums--and Justice System. Crown City hales from California and these dudes are dope with their music. Hip-Hop with a bit of Jazz and Funk. Some real bboy shit...somethin' that you can dance to and groove. I've had this for five years now and this never gets old to my ears. Oh, and look out for their new LP dropping in '09 titled 5 Gold Stars. Tracks to chew on: Another Day, Sidestep Pt. 2, B-Boy.

J*Davey - The Beauty In Distortion/The Land Of The Lost [2008]

You guessed it. 2 cd's in 1. I just recently heard of them last year sometime before this album dropped, and hearing this album and Ms. Jack Davey sing...DAMN! This is one ill duo that you have to pick up and listen to as well. ?uestlove is in it, Phonte is in it...just to name a couple. No faves here, every track is the BOMB. But I do like bangin' No More...that's my jam in disc 1. Check it!

Dwele - Sketches Of A Man [2008]

Seems like I forgot about this one, too. But I think this is one of his better albums to date. I honestly didn't know he was gonna drop with another album--I'm talking about this album...but I'm glad he did, because this LP has some really dope tracks on it and production is wild. Grab your girl or your boy and come get it and see what this is all about...Diggy tracks: Blow Your Mind, Open Your Eyes, Workin' On It, Brandi, I'm Cheatin'.

Mos Def - True Magic [2006]

Remember him? Ya'll know him...He's The Mighty Mos Def. If you remember me posting up his latest singles off of his, next, upcoming LP, The Ecstatic--Life In Marvelous Times and Quiet Dog, then you gotta love this MC/actor. But I think people forgot about this particular album. I ain't boasting, but I was very aware about this album coming out. It had very little advertising/promotion and this was certainly ill-forgotten. I wouldn't say "long-lost" was just in a hush-hush. With that, I read that Mos said wanted little promotion...(It went somethin' like that). But anyways, this is definitely slept on, and this album isn't half-bad for his third LP release. I'll be straight, I haven't listened to this album in such a long the tracks I like are: True Magic, Undeniable...(I'm sure there was a couple more, but I forgot...) Pick it up and see what you feel--yeah, the case is clear with no sleeve, fyi. Can't wait until his fourth.

**Vol. 2 coming soon...

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