Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Hangover

Hey, folks! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas...and for those on holiday break, hope you had one, too.

This past week was the bomb week! To sum it all up...great food, great people...and just enjoying life and what it has brought to my table, and hopefully to ya'll, also. Can't wait until New me! (April, I see you!)

Like I said on Sunday's entry, I have my boy John who just finished up on his photography site (RushFromAbove Photography) via Facebook, and now has one on Adobe. Ya'll gotta check this out...(Above photo is just a sample...don't want to spoil the rest...) your jaw will drop by these photos...(John, I'll be with you on that when I get my Nikon). And welcome back...shouts to Cherry also!

Use common sense on New Years...


P.S. Photos will be posted up as soon as I have all of them...

Shouts to Ashley!