Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Lockdown

What's up ya'll? Wonderful Friday we're having, huh? Anyways, I finally got these photos from last Sunday night at my friend's cousin's graduation party. (I decided to post some of the photos up...there's too many...kinda lazy, sorry...)

Well, I'm out for now...for those of you who are goin' out today, be safe, be careful...for those stayin' home, chillin', good for you...for those who I am seeing tonight and goin' out, I'll see ya'll later...let's party...!


April, Jennie, Me...and some dudes behind us...

Us cup is empty...!

Nothin' but smiles...

It's easy to go from point A to point B...

2 emcees and 1 beatboxer


  1. why wont you party with me damnit
    >.< take me to a party

  2. One of my friends are thinkin' about throwing a party or something next week...Got people coming over from out of town. I'll call you so I can bring you, when it's goin' down.

    Lol, this is the first time in 4 days I've seen you here...and with a comment.

    I called you last night =/