Friday, June 26, 2009

Sick Of It.

Glad to know I'm not the only one feeling like this...I gotta let off some steam for a minute...

Yes, we all know what's up. So untimely and yet so young. But what bugs me is this...People on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace throwin' up stuff like gossip like you "KNOW" what's down...Ya'll gotta cool out and stfu with those damn updates. It's like all of you wanna be the first on the KNOW, and the first to report. People...can you show some respect, damnit? Stop all these false comments and also those private comments, too. There's already so much goin' on right now on the you REALLY gotta make this worse...? Seriously, one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, of all time has just passed. I'm honestly STILL trying to get my head wrapped around this whole thing...But ya'll are blowin' up on the spot on Twitter, Facebook, etc. with all these gossip-y comments and false shit ya'll are throwin'. Really though, we ALL know what was some damn respect. I'm SICK of all this. I refuse to believe all thay hype. That falseness and disrespect...SICK OF IT...Sick of YOU people out there doin' that shit.

Okay...with all that said, thought I'd give my reflections on Mikey J...

I'll be honest. I wasn't THAT big of a Michael Jackson fan, just a regular fan. You know what I mean? Not those heavy-hitter, hardcore-type of Just a fan. Me, myself, and I just growin' up listening and watching Michael perform and watching those music videos--whatever happend to those? (MTV SUCKS BALLS NOW...) Anyways, I've always liked Michael's music and his sense of style with all those dance moves. He was always fun and dope to listen/watch to. His stuff always made me smile and wish I could do the same things he did, i.e., the moonwalk. Personally, I haven't really owned any of his albums...but my dad has and when I started growing up and enjoying music more, which, then, turned into my endless digging and record collecting, that's when I started getting his albums. Never actually owned the ORIGINAL Thriller, but I do have the 25th Anniversary LP which I gladly keep and still listen to...Mikey J., your dope...Rest In Power.

Imagine what he's doin' right now with Dilla, J.B., and all the other ill greats up there in the pearly gates...

Peace to all who are dope and keepin' this shit real...And a big "F. YOU" to all the jackasses...


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  1. yup! that's wazzup
    this really totally truth kuya.
    that's why i don't lyk ppl disrespecful & stuff.