Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Too Damn Much!

However, that's not really gonna stop me.

Had this conversation on the phone a couple nights ago with my homie John and how there's just so much music out there that it's so overwhelming to keep up with. With the technology and Internet these days and since the invention of players and the introduction of digital-formatted tracks, it seems like the consumer or listener, rather, it's so easy to get songs or full-length albums, but yet so hard to get your hands on them, too...if you get what I'm saying. See! It's just TOO DAMN MUCH!

The past several months I've discovered so much music that it got so overwhelming I only had to get as much as I can and leave the rest on the side on a later future. Not so much on the physical records, but more on the Internet, i.e., downloads--LEGAL DOWNLOADS, by the way--from sites such as blogs and what-not. Yeah, I'm saying all this, not to complain, but where does the line cross between digital and actual records? You know, physical copies, which I am a big fan of more than those digital formats. But don't get me wrong, I do like the digital mp3's and downloads, but I'm more of an ANALYTICAL LISTENER, meaning that I just don't listen and bob my head to a song, but I read and learn about a little researching about a track or an album. I look in and through the album. Get in the artist(s) head. Get into a song. Thanks to liner notes and credits. That's how I like to enjoy my music. True cats do that shit...even when they dig around. That's just me. My own take on it.

But I do understand why artists pump out downloads through the 'Net and it's EASIER for the consumer/listener to get their hands on it and ears into it. But for me, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE actual copies of a single, LP, or EP. That's where the support comes, but also it balances out with the support coming from the digital relm. So ultimately, it's sort of a win-win situation. Right? Word.

But what do you think? How do you fair on this?


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