Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The SA-RA Creative Partners

Today, SA-RA has put out their latest effort, their brand new LP Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love. I've heard two tracks off this LP, "The Bone Song" (shouts to BLS) and "Dirty Beauty" ft. Erykah Badu (which is up on Okayplayer right now). I honestly like what I'm hearing in this new LP. It's really fresh and new and it still has that SA-RA style and originality just like on there first album, which I really like and enjoy. Nuclear Evolution has been described as: "Musical, adventurous, and even more evolved than anything they've done before... it also shows a controlled, polished, and in-the-pocket side of their work...it further proves that they are a musical force to be reckoned with." With all that said, there's a BONUS...The album is a double CD of 17 brand new tracks , plus a bonus disc of beats and previously released SA-RA/Ubiquity tracks. Hit up iTunes to buy this LP (click cover above) or get it in stores now!

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