Friday, June 5, 2009

On Some Ish.

It's tough being that dude that's way left-of-center in all things. Not really that liberal...but being proper and different from the rest of people who are out there. Can't I live my own desired life the way I chose it to be? Can't I just do me? Why do you gotta' look down to people like that? Is their something wrong? Yeah, sure, I ain't down to things that others are down with...So what? People can't all be the same. Shit, that'd be so wack. I really don't do conformity...Same shit that people do. Nah...I'm good, son. Let me listen to what I listen to...Some grown folk ish. Not that bullshit ya'll are into. Don't get me wrong about all that...It's just...not ME. Sure my understandings and knowledge may be different...and I may have a different outlook or philosophy about certain subjects, but that doesn't mean I gotta' be one less of a guy.

Get to know the people around you...


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