Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Hate On Hamilton

Not a big fan of his...Well, not anymore. Reason? I'm turned off by his mixtapes especially that ...And Then They Played Dilla mixtape AND his attitude and fake-ness. Really, what's up witt this dude?? Has he gone too far? Just got off Twitter reading a Tweet by DJ Houseshoes (good look by the way) and it's rediculous how Hamilton is so foolish. I mean, first he gets POPPED...BY A GIRL! (Yeah, LOL on that one...) You gotta check this out and read about it yourself...

If you can't do anything right or you THINK you know what's up...DON'T DO IT AT ALL. Just STOP. Don't be actin' a fool if you don't know what the fuck is down. I'm not down with people who are like that. FIX YOURSELF. This should be said to everyone...




  1. I don't comprehend? Who's this Hamilton dude? What did he do exactly?

  2. Check the link above on the post and you'll see what all the hype is about...