Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Solstice

I'm back, since I took a weekend absence from blogging. Well, actually, I just kinda forgot to blog and also I didn't feel like blogging for the weekend. But so far since I got out early May, summer's been pretty dope, not to mention it's been insanely hot recently with the damn humidity and me being browner than before--yeah, yeah, this boy is pretty much a burnt Eggroll (Ashley!)

Like I said my summer's been awesome so far despite the hot weather, but I don't really complain much about it...unlike some people. I've started to workout out again and it's really giving me some benefits since I started last month and I just have to--and want t0--keep up my motivation...oh, and portion control is a MUST for me. I really can't be eating or overeating too much. Which, to say the least, I've grown to a size 33 waist. Bummer. But at least a few of my shorts and pants do fit me now, but I gotta downsize a little bit.

Summer with good people, food, and dope music...coolin' it with life...not bad for this year. I think that experiences in life are important and I'm hoping to get more out it...

So, I know I haven't been writing too much here on my blog...just posting up things that I think are worthy and on my mind, really, but I think things will come up sooner or later...and not never.

So, my summer continues....


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