Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tanya Morgan

This video just made my day somehow. I like this track off Brooklynati. It's got that catchy-ness to it. Classic material. Shoot, if I had an iPhone, I guess the first application I'd get is the mouth app., then strap that ish to my mouth...All suited up and everything. What if us dudes did that on Pauline's Debut...? That'd be dope. Here's Tanya Morgan's latest vid "So Damn Down" off Brooklynati which is in stores and iTunes now!

Below is Tanya Morgan with Blu performing "Morgan Blu" LIVE at SXSW. The joint is also off Brooklynati...I just had to put this. I mean after all, it's Blu...Who doesn't like Blu? Also, the track sounds so much better live than the studio version...It's got that extra PUNCH to it. Peep...

Check out more video treats HERE...

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