Sunday, June 7, 2009

Artist In His Own Right - Grotesk

I guess a few have been privileged to be given this title--personally, like J Dilla--and currently, many are birthing to be one themselves. I can safely say that Grotesk fits the bill on this one. I recently picked up issue 101 of JUXTAPOZ and the cover just caught my eye. Just caught my attention. Without hesitation, I snatched it, looked at it, and I INSTANTLY thought:

Because when I saw this:

Reminded me so much about that EP cover. I like his work. Easily one of my favorite artists. I don't know why...but I keep thinking Parra, but his style of work is different and yet surreal and not really similar. Maybe somewhat similar. I guess it's the color variations...Anyways, this is one of my favorite issues out of the 20-30+ issues I have--the other being issue 85 because it had Doze Green featured on it. Haven't quite read through 101 yet, but looking forward to it. I just glanced at the illustrations here and there, then bought it, and just set it on the table. Gyeah. Here's the subscriber cover:

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