Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Revamped. Refreshed.

Just got done revamping my blog for this year. I've been thinking about redoing my blog a little, freshin' up...make it a little lively. As for now, I'm really diggin' the new look...and make it for everyone that reads my blog more enjoyable and not boring, like the previous one before this. Gone is that Imeem player I had for several months...which pissed me off because after awhile, it would only give 30 sec. previews of most of the tracks on that playlist. So I replaced that with a new and better player but less tracks this time--5 to be excact--and also it plays the full track. Enjoy the new joints I put up. Speaking of that, I wanted to lessen the amount of music on that new player because it's my expression of what my mood is and what I am as a person. Basically, the music moves and speaks to me in a way others might not. See where I'm going here? With that said, I plan to change music on the player from time-to-time depending.

New and different changes and look, same posts about me and what I like. I know the header may be a little too large, but I did that on purpose. Not to show me off, but more subliminal and aesthetical. Weird, I know, but I think it's proper for me...and it's just who I am. Now do you see where I'm getting at? It's much more personal now. And I'm down for sharing it to anyone...



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