Monday, June 22, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Heard

What do Norman "Fat Boy Slim" Cook, BEP member, beatsmith, writer, and Filipino ninja warrior Poet Name Life, and Cuba have in common? Some really new, dope music that is.

Caught up with Okayplayer and it was in the news section that caught my attention of this album cover by The Revolution:

To me, I instantly thought 'WORLD MUSIC' and how music is so inspired and influenced by many people and other countries of race and culture. I'm always a big fan of new music and part of that is international music, whether it be some form of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, etc. From Brazilian music to Indian to other Latin music. I believe that music like this just brings us, not just as a listener, but us as humans closer to ourselves, to other people, and to other cultures. I also believe it's important to experience these kinds of music outside our country and have our ears listen to something a little more different. We may or may not like what we hear, but I think it's that respect that we all have to put in priority and in action. Hearing varieties of music or just letting them into our ears and into our lives gives us a sense of belongingness; a connection or a bridging of people, sounds, and words in different languages. Music, to me, it speaks to us like a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE much like how English is a universal language. It's like a question-answer or call-response type-of-deal. Music is for us, made by us, played by us... to you...

Revolution is in stores now, or you can check it out here on Amazon or iTunes.

The following is a behind-the-scenes look of the making of Revolution...Really and truly inspiring...

The Revolution presents Revolution Feature
by rapsterrecords


Here is the article on Okayplayer that I read...

Revolution Starts On The Dancefloor
Posted on 06/22/2009

I think it was Will Ferrell, or maybe Ben Stiller, who said, 'The way to a girl's heart is through the emergency room.' I probably have that confused, but it's totally true. Case and point, the rooftop rendezvous I had with Black Eyed Peas beatsmith, writer and Filipino ninja warrior, Poet Name Life. As monsoon winds blew through Chelsea one wintry spring night, it felt like everything would be swept up in its path, including those overpriced cocktail dresses worn by the waitresses. Instead, the gusts settled for one of those large umbrellas that hip venues use to create that faux tropical look in the middle of the concrete jungle to take captive in its whirlwind. Then just like Zap! Kablooey! Poet reached out, grabbed my arm and ushered me to safety away from the falling tower that was the patio decor. I tried to remain professional, but as the interview began, all I could hear was Dave Grohl growling, "There goes my hero!" as Poet tried to wax, well - poetic, about the risk involved for an American to record an album in Cuba before President Obama began making moves that may make it legal for Americans to visit our neighbors to the (deeper) South. All I knew was that umbrella looked heavy and this little guy rescued me. Done and done. Now what are we supposed to talk about?

Read more here on Okayplayer...

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