Friday, September 18, 2009

The Wait 'Til Shibuya

The following takes place from yesterday to today...

I headed out yesterday after class in search for Shibuya. I already searched high and low in other record stores beforehand. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I drove down to the only other record spot that I could possibly think that might carry Shibuya. That place was Play-By-Play Record Shop. For some reason during the drive, I had a hunch--a BIG hunch, rather--that they had AT LEAST ONE COPY. I arrived at the record store, parked in front of the spot. Got out, headed into the store...Looked around for a bit searching through all the used CD's nicely organized, but unalphabeticalized and uncatogorized. I looked through most of the newly wrapped albums on the walls...they still even carried CASSETTES there. But I was still focused on what I was searching for. That was Shibuya. I went up to the front desk and the big black guy--name started with a 'P', I forget his name--matching white; white t-shirt, white beret hat, tilted to the right of his head, jeans, and some sneakers. I asked if they carried City Lights Vol. 2 by Nicolay. He said, "City Lights Vol. 2? Okay...let me go look if we carry that. Sounds like it could be a small label." I quickly responded, "Yeah, it's from a an independent label. I've been lookin' for this joint for some time now." He was already behind his desk searching for Shibuya on the computer. I can hear him if he was searching really hard and carefully for Shibuya. He actually was. He knew my concern. He then said, "Alright...I actually do have one copy from my other supplier." In excitement, I said, "REALLY!? Aw, man...thanks! I've been lookin' for that ish for so long now. You're a lifesaver!" With a smile, he knew he did his job right. "Glad that I can help you", he said. "I'd want to get it" I boldy remarked. "Okay" he said, agreeably. "What I can do for you is can go ahead and pay now, and I can send the order right now and you can pick it up the next day after 1:00 PM." Without hesitation, I said, "Okay, sure. No problem." I quickly took my wallet out, still excited that I actually DO HAVE IT NOW, paid the $15.00--NO TAX CHARGED, by the way--handed it to him and quickly writes up the order then hands me my special order receipt. He then said, "Alright now, let me tell you about your receipt." He takes his time explaining what all the writing meant on the receipt; name of the shop, the title of the order, my name with my cell phone number, order number--which was important--the number for the shop, and the date on which it was ordered and when to be picked up. At the end, he told me that the receipt was important to claim my order. Without it, I would never get it...And remember, I've already paid for it. AHEAD OF TIME. That was crucial. After all that, I headed out with relief, happiness, and excitement. I would have to wait 'til tomorrow...

...Which is today.

I'm excited that I actually now own Shibuya. wasn't actually here, like in my hands here. Yet. Today, I headed out again to Play-By-Play to claim Shibuya. Honestly, it's been a long time coming since it dropped this week. Okay, maybe not a long time, but really 3 days. But you see, I was actually searching for it in other shops...BEFORE it dropped to see if they'd carry it. But of Not even both the Best Buys here. Nothing. Anyways, I drove back to the record store and I'm parked all ready to claim Shibuya when I approarched the door of the shop...last minute towards the middle on the right of the door read, "Be back in 20 min." I was like, "What??" So I headed back to the car...waited for, not 20 minutes like the dude said...but rather almost 40 minutes! However, my cool was kept. I was patient and relaxed enough that I can wait it out. To me, I didn't care. It was well worth it. After almost 40 minutes of waiting in the car, I actually saw him...this time matching black, with a black beret this time, and wearing denim with, what looked like, some Air Force Ones. With that, he was carrying some keys jangling loosely on his right hand with two packages that were almost about to lose grip on his left. I instantly knew what the packages were. One of them were mine. One of them is Shibuya. When he entered the store, I got out of my car and started to head right in, almost following him just after he got in the shop. He was already in the back of the shop, which probably was the office or something, and he was on the phone, but I didn't care what he was saying on the phone. I walked right up to the counter and waited patiently 'til he got off. After about a minute or two, he spotted me from the office, standing. He said, "Can I help you, brotha'?" And I quickly responded, "Yeah, you got my order?" He came out and replied, "You got the receipt?" I said, "Yup." I handed it to him. "Alright, cool...let me get that for you", he said. He quickly got it ready ahead of time, I guess, and said, " you go, young man." In utter excitement, with a slight smile, I said, "Dope man, thanks!" He quickly replied back, also with a smile, "No problem, brotha'. Glad I could help you. Stop in anytime." I waved, turned around, and walked out of that shop so happy that I now OWN IT. Physically here.

I was glad I did the right thing. Thanks to that dude that helped me out. Expect more of me in the future, my dude. Definitely good look.

Sticker says 'PAID'. No tax charged. Gyeah.



  1. bro that's a crazay, awesome story just left out one thing: where my copy at yo?!? i mean thank you for getting that for

  2. haha, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH shibuya!

  3. Thanks, P. You gotta check out the album. I'll give you a copy some time...