Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Okay, Hold Up, Hold Up.

Hold on a minute. This bugs me. I don't understand all these applications and widgets that are on Facebook or any other social networking site. This is all useless, pointless stuff that's on there. Why would you waste your time or life on those *expletive* apps!? I mean, what's all this Farmville *expletive*!? What's all the hype about them...!? Like, really! I don't get it. Every *expletive* time I log on to check what's happenin' on Facebook...I see nothin' but walls and walls of all this Farmville crap and all these other applications and widgets. Me, myself...I ain't lettin' them shine at all. Not all that hyped about it...And my whole life and time does not revolve around Facebook. Shoot...I was convinced--FORCEFULLY--to get on Facebook to keep in touch with the fam and friends. That's it. Do I like to be on Facebook...? Not too much, really...But I'm definitely not like the other losers out there (pardon me). Is it really all that? Is it really all that necessary...? Don't get me on it, 'cause I ain't gettin' on that tip. Hate me or love me, I don't really care, but shoot...this is rediculous.

Not to complain, but I'm definitely not gettin' on that bandwagon. That's word, my friends...


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