Monday, September 14, 2009

Jigga My...Who...??

*Sigh*...I did it. I actually did it.

Yesterday I went out to the mall to FYE (because I actually didn't want to travel that act of being lazy that day) to look for some CD's and new releases that I've had written on my list and in my head; no luck...sorta.

But that's not my point. The point is...I actually bought the collector's box set of The Blueprint (Say WHAAT!?)

Yeah...I know. For those that know me, you guys know I wouldn't do that--see, I'm not a big fan of I don't know what went on with me when I saw it; grabbed it, and actually purchased it. I was literally hesitant at first before I bought it; "Should I buy it...or not...?" Is it worth it...? Those were the thoughts floating around my head. Really...I don't know what made me actually WANT to buy it. I actually felt..."I want it...but I don't want it." I was thinking to myself that I can buy a better CD or two that's worth the listening pleasure AND the price--mind you, the box set was $17.99, at the time. Not bad. But to me...sorta' bad. Wasn't sure if it was worth it at all. But...I gave in. I bought it. After I bought it...I felt so weird for buying it and now actually HAVING and OWNING it. See, for those that know's not something that I would listen to and like. But...for some reason....I actually do like it. I gotta tell ain't half-bad at all.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know all of you that may be reading this might be saying...YOU'RE LATE. Psh. You think...!? I'm sorry. But I think what made me drive to buy and own both albums--I don't have 3...YET--was altogether the production, lyrics from Jay, and the format of the tracks that drove me to get it. Yes...I already know for those that are Jay-Z lovers, I know the cliche of CLASSIC. Heard that so many times. So do I consider The Blueprint and The Blueprint 2...CLASSIC? Well...not really. Don't get me wrong...they're both great albums, but the way I see it, I see both Blueprint albums to be ORIGINAL in its own right thanks to Jay. I think that both albums represent who Jay is in all his glory...and yes, this was pre-Kanye--he was behind the music on both albums doing production on many tracks on both albums. Anyways...what's my final verdict...? Am I a hater or lover of Jay...? I mean after all, just 'cause I bought it, own it, and listen to it doesn't mean I like it...or even hate it, right? Verdict: in the middle.

So...what do you think of The Blueprint 3...?


P.S. I thought this was an interesting read and a thoughtful, insightful one as well; check out The Legends League blog about Jay-Z: Blueprint 3 - Review by 'be' (Bryan Espiritu)

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