Saturday, September 19, 2009

Done, Done, And...DONE.

FINALLY the Internet works. It's been down for almost the whole day today in the area because of a glitch of some sort from Comcast...but all is well.

Anyways, shouts to the people that came out today in support to our garage sale at the crib. Thanks to those who held it down and also purchased some goodies. Sold both my mountain bike and drum set--FINALLY. It was quite a successful run yesterday and today. And a big shout to those who purchased, really pitched in for a good cause to our missions at our church via Living Word Christian Church. I would have photos, but unfortunately, I don't. But we all know what went down...Our memories serve us well. Oh, and thanks to my friends that held it down to hang out was dope seeing you guys again to just hang and cool out. J.R....I'm happy for you. Word? ...Peace.


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