Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Johnny Colt

Just like Bourdain, but adds a musical beat to his travels. I'm actually watching--for the 4th time this week--the pilot for his brand new show on Travel Channel. The pilot episode is Thailand. I'm already diggin' this show...ALOT. There's this one segment where he visits a guitar maker who hand crafts them out of wood found in Thailand--the guitar strings are actually bicycle cable! Amazing! This is why I'd really love to travel some time...I mean REALLY travel. Like outside the States...Outside the Western side and go visit other places; culture, society, lifestyle, food...all the nine yards. It's all about influences, experiences, and absorbing all you can in this big old world we all live in. Thanks Travel Channel. If you're wondering who Johnny Colt is...just Wikipedia him and you'll find out.



  1. OMG!! i wanna TRAVEL too... and for all the same reasons you want to travel! i LOVE experiencing new cultures! music, food, history, landscape, etc...

  2. Yeah! I mean, after watching Zimmern and Bourdain...it just influenced me so much to travel. =)