Monday, September 21, 2009

Taking No Chances.

Today was just a chill day. Nothing really elaborate or anything. Just a normal Monday afternoon, but cooled out with my mom.

I decided that I wanted a flu shot, so I got one today--I ain't takin' any chances gettin' sick. No way, buddy! I've also decided that I wanted the H1N1 vaccine shot--and no, I don't have the Swine Flu...I just wanna be safe, that's all. But they don't have the vaccine I probably have to wait 'til next month some time. But definitely gettin' it. Like I said, I ain't takin' any chances gettin' sick! So I got the flu shot at Lake Forest Hospital and it was fairly quick. After that, I was hungry. I wanted sushi, but both sushi bars here in my area were temporaraliy closed to prep up for dinner. I was craving for sushi, but I couldn't wait...So I decided to head out to eat some seafood---that, too, I was craving--so, we went to Joe's. Yum. And there, that's it...I'll just let the photos take over from here...


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  1. ...yummm! I enjoyed my son Brian's company today! So we decided to try seafood delight @ JOE's here in our area & Woww!... my son & I enjoyed the best of it! ...Opppss,sorry my Dodong KO is not w/ us,he's working today but we took home 2 of the LOBSters for him!...Favorite 'yata 'eto nang Dodong KO!...(He!he!he!)