Monday, September 28, 2009

Manila Guerilla: Philippine Red Cross Fundraiser (Swiped)

First of all, shouts to Be at TheLegendsLeague site for posting this on TheLegendsLeague blog site. We know what's goin' down back Home...and it's up to me and you to make a big difference and a huge impact in helping out our people. I know I posted up the news about the Philippines flood earlier today and provided the link to The Philipine National Red Cross; I thought I'd hit you with it again for you people out there to help out and donate for those who are in need back in the Philippines. Please help out and contribute...Hope and pray for those who are still displaced/missing...

"I will be donating 100% of profits from the sale of my Manila Guerilla tee to the Philippine Red Cross to help provide aid for the people affected by the storm that hit the Philippines with a months worth of rain in just 6 hours and caused the worst flooding the country has seen in 42 years.

I will be making personal contributions in the form of a box full of IdeallClothing tees, but I’m in no position to be throwing thousands of dollars out in donation. This is where I need your help and support. In the spirit of TheLegendsLeague and paying our lives forward I am hoping that your purchase of one of our Manila Guerilla tees will provide you the opportunity to wear something as a proud sign that when someone else was in need, you played a role in offering your hand in assistance."

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To purchase the T-Shirts, just click the image above to direct you to the Ideall Clothing store in which you can do your part in helping out the people of the Philippines...Besides, those shirts are not too shabby if I say so myself.

The Philippine National Red Cross:

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