Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today marks the release of the long-awaited and anticipated debut release from Kid Cudi titled, Man on the Moon: End of Day. And of course I went out to cop the LP and so far I've heard 3 out of the 15 tracks and I gotta tell you it's not half-bad at all; the album has been nicely conceptualized and I've skimmed through the liner notes and there are a few tracks that Kanye had produced. With the help of Common and other guests on the album. Upon hearing the first track, I love how Larry Gold arranged and performed the strings--shouts to Larry. This is definitely worth the money and listening pleasure to add to anyone's collection. Me...I copped both the standard version and the deluxe version with 3 bonus tracks and a DVD included. I'm definitely gonna be out again to grab some other releases that I so want. REALLY BAD. By the way...it's a little less than a month away from my birthday (10/10)...Anyone wanna give me an iTunes Gift Card...???? I REALLY, REALLY want one so bad. In fact, that's pretty much ALL I want for my birthday--T-Shirts would be nice, too (size MEDIUM please and thank you); $15 or $25 iTunes Girft Card would be fine.

Anyways, here's another BET Rising Icons video via Okayplayer. This time KiD CuDi... Head on over to Okayplayer (link provided) for the peep...


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