Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blueprint 3...(Hmm...)

I was on the phone awhile ago with my best friend and he asked me about The Blueprint 3 album; like "Have you checked that out?" or "Is it any good?" I was actually thinking the same thing. My answer...I'm hesitant about whether to get it or not. I do have to say that some of the tracks, I do like, such as "D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) and Empire State Of Mind. But I'm not sure if it would be worthy enough, for me at least. I have a different ear; not sure if I would like it or not...ya' know? But it won't hurt to check it out.

Anyways, this came up on Okayplayer, and another blog I follow; Alex Goose presents The Blueprint 3 Outtakes. I'll let Alex describe this for you: "In the spring of 2009, an A&R affiliated with the Roc got in contact with me. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to submit various tracks for Jay-Z's long awaited Blueprint 3 album. Unfortunately, none of them made the final cut. After letting people hear what I sent Hova (including people who know him), they all suggested I release them for the public to hear. This is what the Blueprint 3 could have been..." If this was given a chance...this would definitely have a different vibe to the album. Download the Outtakes for FREE on Alex's site,

Alex Goose - The Blueprint 3 Outtakes

AND...Check this out...What if J DILLA PRODUCED...THE BLUEPRINT...?


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