Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'Go - The Paxtons

As I'm sitting here and writing this blog entry, I'm also currently listening LIVE to Funkadelic Freestyles on gwradio.com and I was on the F.F. blog and found these dudes from Chicago, The Paxtons (which they will be on F.F. later in the program). I think that it's really dope that these kinds of radio stations (college radio stations, no less)/podcasts are actually playin' some really dope ish and showin' some love in the independent tip...And not all the bull on the mainstream tip. Thank goodness. Anyways, The Paxtons are fairly new, and new to me, and I just went on to The Paxtons website and they've dropped a mixtape that's FREE for download...FOR A LIMITED TIME. Cop that before it ain't free no mo'. The tape is titled Work and the description of the tape is as follows: "Inspired by the 1994 film, Clerks, entirely self-produced, and set to a sonic backdrop reminiscent of 90s era Hip Hop and R&B, the concept album offers a clear perspective on a summer in the life of The Paxtons." The tape is presented by The Smoking Section, UBIQ, and Atmos. Support these Chicago natives and others out there comin' up. Real music straight up. That's word. And for once, at least, listen to some other radio stations or podcasts that have better air play and tunes...and not that teeny-bobberish, cheesy....whateveryoucallit playin' repeats of the same damn songs.


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