Monday, September 28, 2009

In Spain In The Membrane

I'm actually feeling much better, compared to the past few days (boo). I'm still a little cold-sick, however, but gone is the congestion, i.e., nose, throat, and chest. The coughing has subsided a lot, but still whips a little cough here and there...but I CAN SMELL THINGS NOW. And my sore throat is gone. Which is a BIG plus. I hate having a sore throat...Worst feeling ever, to me at least. Anyways, as I'm coolin' it out here in the pad...this episode of No Reservations was on today--and it's one of many episodes that are my favorite. Tony visits Spain...'Nough said. Just watch these first 20 minutes or so...I think you'll know why it's my favorite...


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