Friday, April 17, 2009

Who Knew...?

I've come across some great music since I started record collecting for the past several years now. I've come across and listened to, no less, to some great gems--some I have in my personal collection, others people had shared to me, and some I've heard in other places. But reading issue 34 of Waxpoetics (The Jazz Issue), on the 're:Discovery' section of the magazine, there was this record called Here and Now by The Third Wave, and while reading...who knew!? Five teenage Filipino sisters from Stockton, California...on a piece of wax!? I flipped. And I thought how awesome that is. I honestly never have come across any kind of Filipino music on wax--just cassettes and cd's--let alone have any in my collection. And mind you, this is The Jazz Issue...and they were vocal Jazz artists! (Double WOW factor there). Yeah, if you can guess...never heard Filipino Jazz before--Embarrassed? Not really. This is all new to me...But there is always discoveries in life that no one has ever seen, done, explored, or heard...even in music. I mean, after just reading that article, it just makes me think how awesome music can just seep through lives, race, and culture...and knowing what unlimitless limits the condition of human self can go through. No one doesn't want to be in control, other than themselves...and this record just speaks to me. Now my purpose of record digging/collecting and being a listener of fine music has broaden more and much more meaningful. My philosophies have opened up and broaden, also...Much more open-minded...Man...I wanna get that ish, NOW! Eh, I'll probably come across it someday...Just gotta be prepared to pay some pretty pennies for it...



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