Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Musical Cure

Back in effect. Feeling alot better compared to two days ago...Still a little coughing and a little runny nose, but no more fever and no more drowsiness/dizzyness...

...Anyways, unlike the medicine that supposedly made me "feel"better--damn DayQuil didn't work wonders for me. In fact, it had the opposite effect! What supposedly did work, however, was just listening to music from my collection and from my iPod. Don't call me crazy...but music does work wonders for anything...even when you're sick. So I guess it's a cure. So, here's what's been in my ears...on constant rotation, no less...
  • Study Guide
  • The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind
  • Finale - A Pipe Dream And A Promise
  • some Marvin Gaye joints
  • Kero One - Early Believers

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