Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't Sleep On These... (Vol. 1.5)

Thought I'd want to switch it up a bit on this segment; Some new ish that you just can't sleep on...

Kaskade - The Grand [2009]

Shouts to John on this one. Good look, bro. And thanks for the comment. Yeah, he was the one that told me this...yesterday, ha! He told me it was an awesome LP and I dig Electronic music and, so, why not? Well, it is dope. I'm feelin' each and every track--no favorites here. Kaskade is up there with the other dudes in this genre. This is definitely on repeat on my iPod playlist; Some dope ish to drive with. Check out Kaskade's other albums, such as, Stroblite Seduction and Love Mysterious.

OM Miami 2009 Mixed By DJ Fluid (V/A) [2009]

Keeping with the Electronic genre, here's another that's constantly playing on my playlist as well. The new OM Miami '09 is fresher and brighter than last year's '08 LP. Personally, this is one of my favorites in this series because of the mix of artists and great sounds/production from each. Again, no favorites here...I dig all the tracks on this LP. Shouts to OM...You guys are awesome. Let's see what OM will come up with in 2010...

Kero One - Early Believers [2009]

It's been a few years since Kero One with his debut album, Windmills Of The Soul, came out. It's been awhile since Kero One came out with another LP since that album. Now...the wait is over. FINALLY! I've been waiting for quite some time now for this cat to drop somethin' new. Kero's at it and he's got it...again. SOLID album. Fresh tracks/production/sounds/lyrics. Very upbeat, positive, feel good ish; Still has that Jazzy-ness to it that Kero's known for, but definitely adding some new styles in this album. favorites here. I'd say a perfect 10--take my word for it. This is coming with me everywhere I go...

Blame One - Days Chasing Days [2009]

Honestly, I haven't gotten through all the tracks on the album since I got it last week. But I can tell you that this album isn't bad at all. I've heard Blame's other albums...but this his his best yet. His lyrics are fresh, too...Not to mention that the production is knockin'--you can look for Exile on the album for production. I'd give this a 9 out of 10. I'm feelin' this one ever since I was knockin' it in my ride and I can't seem to stop playin' this...Tracks to bump: Supreme Beings, Perseverance, Wonder Years.

Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me [2009]

And now for some House music. Some really, REALLY fresh House shit. I'm really diggin' these cats, man. I think they set a new standard in House music. I'm starting to like House more thanks to this collective. I mean, damn, after listening to that Introducing (2006) album...I had an EARGASM. I was addicted...and I definitely wanted more. And look what they did this year. Did You Miss Me has got to be there with Introducing. I love both albums and they are my favorites--even in this genre. I don't care what others say...I'm holdin' it down with the Soul. Each track I like and I can't stop putting this down. One of the tracks I like on this LP is Another Lover. This is House at it's best; Touches of Soul with club grooves. Vocals are warm and wonderful. The trio has this richer, fuller sound with guitar, added percussion, vocals, and touches of vibes and strings. Definitely some ish you cannot sleep on.

Finale - A Pipe Dream And A Promise [2009]

Detroit native, Finale, dropped his debut album yesterday and I happen to cop the LP on iTunes. I really like the production on this album. It's almost like Oh No was on the production tip. Ish is knockin'! Tracks that I like are Arrival & Departure, Style--the beat on that is dope. Also, Pay Attention, Motor Music, Paid Homage (RIP J DILLA). Look for Black Milk and Flying Lotus--just to name a couple--on production. If Dilla were alive...I know he'd be on that tip. MAJOR. 8.5 out of 10 from me.

DILLANTHOLOGY 1 - Dilla's Production For Various Artists [2009]

I found out about this last minute when I was on Imeem and I noticed a banner ad on top...And that's how I knew about it, ha! I had to get it--most likely more than any album that was coming up--and, well, I did. All I can say is...CLASSIC ISH. No favorites. All the tracks here I dig. Like The Light, Runnin', Drop. This is on heavy repeat. Check it out yourselves...

(MF) DOOM - Born Like This [2009]

DOOM is still...MF DOOM. Well, without the MF anymore. But he's still MF DOOM. And, again, since the all-classic, Madvillainy LP, he kills it with Born Like This. Still his lyrical flow/style is abstract--which I like about DOOM. Production is ill and every track, to me, is not a disappointment. I don't know why some music reviews gave it an okay rating, but DOOM is one of my favorite emcees who also happens to be a producer as well. I think people out there should give a lot more credit to this cat. A lot of 'em like him...but a few understand. Look forward for more on DOOM in the future. You don't know what he'll come up with next...Let alone where he'll be...


***Long-awaited Vol. 2 is coming...Promise.

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