Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spankin' New Vid

I like Sundays. Especially weather like this...cloudy and rainy, a little warm. It's all chill. ALL chill. The comforts, confines, and privacy of your own home or bedroom...maybe with just yourself chillin', bummin'...or maybe with your special lady-friend you got with you...layin' on the couch...snuggled. Love those things...Sunday's are ill. Especially if you have some dope music on and just vibin' out with it. Speaking of a brand new music video from the very own Freddie Joachim--you know, from Study Guide and his solo LP, In With Time, which dropped last year in Japan. Spotted at the Organology blog--big ups! Make sure you stop by. This music vid is titled The Crystals from Freddie's LP In With Time. Peep this ish...and enjoy the lovely Sunday...

Make sure to pick up those LP's...which are out now!

Freddie Joachim - "The Crystals" official video from Freddie Joachim on Vimeo.

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