Thursday, April 23, 2009

Express Concerned Talent For Some Of My Masses

This may not concern all of you...Maybe just a certain few out there that know me and that I know...

Okay, so I am a musician. An all-around dude that lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps music. I play drums...I collect all sorts of records. Hip-Hop connoisseur/aficionado and Jazz cat. Most of how I live my life I express in music. Okay, that's out of the way. Let me get to the point...

...Since I've been playing drums for about 10 years now, I feel like I should express how I play in terms of how I enjoy music so much. Alright, so I play drums at church almost every week on Sunday...Rewind back for a minute. Maybe you might be asking me and yourself, how I prepare for each week other than practice? Well, I come up with styles that are originally from me. How I come up with these is all mostly from my mind, talent, imagination, and creativity. Another, is just strictly listening to different kinds of music altogether; listening to different styles of beats...tempos, rhythm, melody, and different harmonies. The style I have is mainly focused on my originality. It's mainly composed of that old "boom-bap" style of Hip-Hop, to Jazz, to Funk, House...and a little in between. I also add a little twist or flava' of my own...And, not sure if you notice, but I do a lot of improvisation. Okay, that's just a little bit or a sliver about me on how and what I play. With that said the point is how I play right? Well, when I do play...I get in what is called--cliche, I know--"in the zone..."

When I play, I play on what's in my heart, mind, soul, and body. At church, it's all that...with my faith involved, it's the whole praise and worship experience, the church I feed off of. I'm moved by the Spirit and the songs that I play. I'm in the zone and it's just all-natural and automatic from there...What I like to say is that I'm not playing loud because I can or just doing that in purpose...I'm not playing a totally different style or tempo because I can or just showing off or just doing that in That's not how a musician is supposed to act or have an attitude. Not very aesthetically pleasing, either. I play how I play and what I play because this is me. How I work with music applies all around me. I ain't bragging at all. I'm just doing me. Me orginally. My own originality. There's just so much more than practice and experience for me...That's how I became so good in playing drums...and more so for loving and enjoying music. Experimenting, observation, and listening are key to me for what and how I play. Not really others trying to stop me, no offense.

See, music isn't just to play for fun, or just listen, or have to or whatever...and I'm also talking about playing any kind of instruments, it's so much more than that. Look beyond it and look past me. Look through me. Music is like a conversation...Communication of back-and-forth...that whole 'question and answer' thing. With that, music conveys alot of expression and feeling when played properly and played right. From something so simple as a hand clap to difficult chords on a guitar, music has--and should--have that feeling to that person listening or playing...or both, and others, towards others.

All I'm sayin' is that I'm moved...And that's something that you should be concerned about. Not what I'm doing. Be concerned on how I perform, like my expressions--feelings, thoughts...that whole movement. Just believe me...

So, take time to consider that you have to be patient with me...and just keep up. Don't ever tell me this or tell me that...I know what I am doing. If it ain't right to you, well...tell me! But I'll tell you if it's right to me, it's right to me. I may be stern, but I know what things are right and not right. You don't like don't like me...tough.

I can go on and on and on and on...but I'll save that to myself.

Look at me, you see this...?

Let me do me...


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