Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nicolay & The Roots; Brand New Heavies

I got some news recently while surfing the Web--from blogs, sites, and video interviews--that Nicolay and The Roots are comin' up with some new ish...

Nicolay is set to prepare and drop the sequel--can you guess what it is? No? City Lights Vol. 2. Now, I'm not sure when this will come out, but I suspect it should be out some time this year. I'm gettin' my hands on that shit. After all, I've been wanting more since City Lights Vol 1.5 dropped.

The Roots are also droppin' with some ish. The Legendary have been on a grind now for awhile, especially now that they are the house band for Fallon, but they're still the mother-f@#&!@, hard-workin', Legendary sure-shot. Now, they are set to drop their ninth studio album in June--YES, JUNE--entitled How I Got Over. Shouts to 2dopeboyz (soon to be 2DOPEPLAYER) and XXL Magazine.

“It’s a more celebratory album—the story of triumph and the rise of the brand that is ‘The Roots,’ and how we kept our heads above water consistently for so many years in the game without taking a hiatus, maintaining some love and relevancy for all this time. And it refers to the gospel song by Mahalia Jackson. That’s the initial inspiration for the title of this joint. It’s like a moving performance of her rendition of that song.” - Black Thought

Gyeah. Yummy...


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