Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Forget To Study.

Just letting you all know; a gentle reminder that Freddie Joachim and Question are droppin' their instrumental album, Study Guide, on April 15 on iTunes--and soon on limited only CD's on July. Please, Please, PLEASE...I urge you to support these dudes and other fine independent artists out there. There is so much brand new talent emerging in this world and culture of music that I bet they're just itchin' to be heard from ya'll. I can't stress this enough. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS and INDEPENDENT MUSIC. Real, feel good music for the mind, body, and soul is what we need...Even in these dark times...

Get at it. If you haven't already--and I'll be kind enough to do this again--Freddie Joachim also dropped this FREE PROMOTIONAL ONLY digi-EP--a prelude, if you will, to the new LP--titled Nights Alone. This 5-track EP is produced by Freddie Joachim, himself. This is totally my ish right now; Real, feel good, headphone music. Again...I URGE YOU TO PLEASE SUPPORT. Yes, this is a FREE DOWNLOAD. And a reminder that this is NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE. But FREE is always good. So go 'head...pass this along; tell a friend...your girl, your other girls...your girls' girl...that dude you're annoyed with and maybe this time he'll shut-up once he gives it a listen...Just...EVERYONE...


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