Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kero One + Look What I Can Do!

Kero One just dropped his sophomore album, Early Believers, and I happen to have 2 videos off his LP--Welcome To The Bay and When The Sunshine Comes ft. Ben Westbeech. I highly recommend getting this album. You won't regret it...

And the following videos come from us--at it again--in McD.'s. Footage taken from February and March (during Spring break). Shouts to Jason on the phone camera.

**Pardon the quality. Might want to turn up the volume a bit...

Personnel includes:

Brian: vocalist; beatboxer/strawboxing; $1 Large Sweet Tea equipped with top and straw
April: vocals; Blackberry with lyrics
Jas: doing what he does best...and vocals...
J.R.: vocals, acoustic guitar
Jason: just there to vibe out with us...and phone camera
R.J.: who just plained spoiled it for us. Thanks a lot.

**I'll be posting up a few more once they're uploaded completely on Vimeo. So look out for those real soon... Here they are. Peep...Shouts to J.R. for the photos. Thanks, bro.



  1. haha this is so cool, funny..

    having some fun..

    good times....

    The McD.'s Stars....

    Watsup, \/pce jR...

  2. I got more coming. I'm going to post them maybe now...Check 'em out.

  3. Hi there!

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