Thursday, October 15, 2009

So Blu's On A Beat Tip...

Word up. Blu has been on the production tip for a little while now, and this time he has entirely produced Sene's album via Shaman Work Records titled ADayLate&ADollarShort. Blu goes by the moniker GODlee Barnes, by the way...Just in case ya'll didn't know that. I honestly haven't heard of Sene at all. This is actually the first time I've heard of this emcee, but definitely one to check out. Sene's LP dropped this past Tuesday...I'm gonna have to check that out. I mean, it's produced by Blu! Below is a video from one of Sene's tracks off the album that stands-out, among others. This is "WonLover"--Peep...

Sene - WonLover Official Music Video produced by Blu from Brooklyn Sene on Vimeo.


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