Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pretty Purdie

I've been drumming now for almost 11 years, and I've got a few drummers on my list as favorites; Pretty Purdie is absolutely one of them. When I first heard the title track of Soul Drums, I was instantly hooked to drumming. PERIOD. Because of this! The rest is history... Fast-forward to 2009, I'm STILL drumming, even though I have various drumming styles and my own original style, Bernard Purdie is still one of many drummers that influence me in my drumming. Now...I'm even more excited that Purdie is actually re-issuing his debut LP Soul Drums on Green Street Entertainment for the first time on CD and on digital format. It will also include 8 bonus tracks which happen to be unreleased tracks from Bernard's "lost" sophomore LP Alexander's Rag Time Band. The re-release of Soul Drums is set to drop next Tuesday, October 14. Below is the tracklist complete with the 8 bonus tracks...


1. Soul Drums

2. Bee 'N' Bee

3. Caravan

4. Soul Bossa Nova

5. Jimmy's Back

6. Funky Donkey

7. Bill's Groove

8. On The Outskirts Of Minitown

9. Testifyin'

10. Modern Jive

11. Blow Your Lid (But Watch Your Cool)


12. Alexander's Rag Time Band

13. Fickle Finger of Fate

14. Genuine John

15. Soul Clappin'

16. Groovin'

17. If You Never Cry

18. Stop

19. Time is Tight

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