Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back To The Archives - Sweet Notes (Introduction)

I pretty much exhausted all the other photos for the other "Back To The Archives" segment on Facebook since I first got on it 7 months ago. Thought I was done? NOPE. I'm telling you...there's LOTS MORE where those came from, thanks to Mom.

This next segment, I decided, was going to be all these 'sweet notes' (which I like to call them) that were written on the back of all these other photos I dug up in my Mom's collection of old photos way back when. All these little notes/memos were either written from my Dad to my Mom, or from my Mom to my Dad--it was like the ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL 'social-networking site, much like Twitter, ha! These hand-written notes just had these little sweet messages to them and what-not or like a "here's what I'm doing" kinda thang going on as I flip from the message to the image related to it. I thought I'd share them to you for a reason...It's all about the love, relationship, celebration, and just spending time with each other and enjoying each others company and whether near or far...they're always still close some how...That's the message and significance that I'm trying to convey and just a look back 20-some-odd-years...or more! It's where memories live...

Look out for more, soon...

My Dad rocked a Subaru. He didn't care what YOU drove. He didn't want to buy just an ordinary car. This sucker was one of its kind. On-board AWD, son! AND it was a 4-speed. My Dad was ahead of his time. He's cooler than YOUR dad.

...It was because of this, why my Mom married him. Gyeah.

Photo: circa June 1981


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