Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One For THAT Brotha'...

Everything's been pretty much smooth sailing with me lately (minus the whole phone and I've been in a great mood...But sometimes...certain things DO have to give, whether better or for worse. I guess it's change...Personally, to me...this is more bittersweet/sad; a surprise, really, and I'm talking personally about my brother, John Ordonia. Recently, he's been stuck in a HUGE rut facing the fact that he can't go to school or work anymore...AND facing the fact that he can't stay in the States any longer...I can't imagine how this is effecting him or even how he's feelin'. Well, maybe I sorta can...but still; I'm connected to that brotha', man! Definitely gonna miss this dude...and I'm so sure that Cherry will also, no doubt.

So, I know that you have a limited time here in the States here, man...sorry that you can't stay here. Sucks to even hear that. I know you've been promoting and pitching yourself to get your butt to stay here, and it sucks that it didn't go through how you wanted, let alone how I wanted, too. You've done some really big things, bro and I'm glad that I've joined the ride with you--I mean, I actually let you LIVED in my house before...What kinda' brotha' does that?? Thanks for ridin' with me even when things got a little rough and rugged. I just thought this would never happen...But you know, you never know WHAT will happen. I know it's going to be a HUGE change for you...but I know you'll even do MORE greater things wherever you end up and whatever you do. I'm actually writing this 'cause this post is one for YOU. Stay true and real...Keep it steady and fresh, bro. Miss you man. Much love to you. It's not just me that's going to miss you, man...EVERYONE here that you know is going to miss you. Sucks, dude. Wish you could've stayed.

Peace and love, bro...


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