Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumnal Bliss

Taking a longer way back home from class, I decided to do. Not for the heck of it...I just wanted to. I wanted to enjoy the surroundings around me, minus all the other crap that may be overlapping my view and obscuring my observations. I love the Autumn season. Steel gray clouds, feeling the cold air, while surrounded by warmth...the ever-changing colors of leaves from green to reddish-orange and yellow; life ever-so changing...being still, in preparation for the Winter season...

Like I said, taking the long way back home from class today, I just wanted to take an oppurtunity to absorb everything that the Autumn season brings. I really enjoy the colder seasons; something with the comfort and warmth of it all that brings the joy and happiness in me. I feel as if the stresses and depresses seem to fade away when it comes to Autumn. So, I'm driving around my area in Gurnee, Illinois (a suburb north of Chicago, for those who don't know where that is) just cruising and feeling the Autumn season, just vibin' out to, what I would call it, an "Autumn Mix" that I prepared just before I left the crib to head off to school, I'm observing, as I drive slow, the change in what Autumn has always brought...trees, leaves, the clouds, the horizon, the beautiful contrast of colors, the animals preparing for the cold season; there's a stillness, a fall, a change unlike any other season that just makes me feel so good inside. Along with all this, I'm listening to some Freddie Joachim beats, perfect for this season. It just set the mood just right; driving slow, taking in all the Autumn changes...It's comforting. This is why Autumn is my favorite season (minus too much rain). The cold seasons. Especially the Autumn night, when the sky is clear and filled with stars with the nippy air hitting your face. It's a stillness, a refresher, a calmness, and surrounding yourself with warmth all over is what Autumn is...and then some--that'd be the right kind of music to set off the perfect mood to match the Autumn season...

Peace and love,


Freddie Joachim - Autumn Rain

Freddie Joachim - Late Nights

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  1. I love the peace of autumn, too. =)